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    * Looking for a Webhost for EMAIL


    I am primarily looking for a webhost for email purposes. One of the major requirements is to have the ability to catch all email sent to my domain address.

    I will set up one primary email account - [email protected]
    I will set up another email account as - [email protected]

    If I were to receive an email at [email protected] I want it to be received into the mailbox [email protected] . In other words if I were to receive emails to non-existing email ids on it should be received into [email protected] .

    I would like to have atleast 5 email ids though I prefer unlimited. About 100MB space and 1GB/month.

    I will also upload some digital photos occassionally.

    Srikanth Koka

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    I know many companies can do this for you. Your best bet is to post this question in the web hosting requests section. You should get plenty of offers there.

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    Thanks. I will do that.

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    I believe in Cpanel you can set all email that is not sent to an email address on record redirect to your supplied email.

    hope that helps.
    - Andy
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