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    Question Is there any money in forums?

    I need to use the webhostingtalk brain...

    Dear webhostingtalk brain,

    I have some questions for you...

    First of all is there any money to be made in forum ownership? Like while you own the forum...not after you get 16k members and sell it like the previous owner of WHT did. Im talking about while you own through advertisements, and maybe other revenues like sales of items in an online store or something, who knows. Like does anyone have a clue of what maybe a 10k+ forum could make in profit (after hosting costs) from advertising? I know this ones a tough question and if you dont know the answer its understandable...not many do...

    Second, how much bandwidth do forums take up? Please if you could list the...

    -amount of members you have and the average BW per
    month you use. Hopefully i can get a wide range of answers,
    varying from small forums to the big guys like 10k+ers.

    -how much your fourm makes PER month in
    advertising? Do you use a pay per click/view system, or a
    monthly one?

    Thankyou for your time,

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