Donít know if this forum is the right place to put this offer but anyways. This is a business proposal for a Webmaster who wants to start his/her web hosting business. I run a web hosting company that provides Unix based cheap web hosting plans. My company caters for small businesses & personal websites. Now I want to expand it and need a partner that can provide Windows based hosting plans to my visitors along with the domain registration services. The interested web master should be ambitious preferably from USA, CANADA, EUROPE OR AUSTRALIA only. He/She should be responsible for providing Windows based Web hosting, support, billing, marketing etc. along with the domain registration services. Its not necessary to have a dedicated windows server, a reseller or a person planning to resell windows web hosting can also contact me.
Now I will not take any commissions on domain registration services, but small sales commission on the total sales of the windows based web hosting. Commission percentage can be worked out later. If the person is really convincing and interested, commissions can be ignored. All I need is that interested party or a web master should contact me. Now I must tell you that only that webmaster should contact who really wants to start out with a windows based web hosting company, with long term business relationship in mind cause I am not going to go for any contracts, but just a never ending business partnership. Please contact me only and only if you are interested and not any research. Contacts and further details can be discussed later. Please do not PM me or reply in this forum. Just send me your details at [email protected]