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    Steadfast Networks - New Chicago Data Center Space

    Steadfast Networks has just opened a new 8000+ sq. ft. data center at 350 E Cermak Rd. in Chicago, Chicago's premier carrier hotel and home of Equinix. With the new space we no longer have any minimum bandwidth requirements. We also allow 208v power and we can allocate up to 7.2 kw per cabinet. This new space meets all the standards of our old space, with an N+1 redundant UPS and diesel generator and offers improved cooling capacity/configuration to deal with the higher power density. You can see some pictures, etc. of our new data center space here: Note: Space in 350 E Cermak is scarce at this time, if you need to be in the building and/or need to cross connect to anyone in the building (MMR or Equinix) we're your only option with this much space available.

    Onto the Special

    For those signing up through August 10, we will be offering FREE setup as well as reduced monthly fees, depending on the bandwidth commitment.

    Currently, our list pricing is:

    Standard Network Specials
    Full Rack (w/20A) with 100 Mbit/sec - $2295 + Setup
    1u + 10 Mbit/sec (capped) - $199
    1u + 100 Mbit/sec (capped) - $1395
    1u + 1000 Mbit/sec (capped) - $9,995
    Buy Now/Request Quote

    Performance Network Specials
    Full Rack (w/20A) with 100 Mbit/sec - $4295 + Setup
    1u + 10 Mbit/sec (capped) - $369
    1u + 100 Mbit/sec (capped) - $2695
    Buy Now/Request Quote

    Single Server Pricing (includes Remote Reboot)
    1u - $50
    2u - $75
    3u-4u - $95
    Mid-Tower - $120
    Buy Now/Request Quote

    Partial/Full Locking Cabinet Pricing
    Half Rack (21u) w/20A Power - $800/month + $850 Setup
    Full Rack (42u) w/40A Power - $1500/month + $1500 Setup
    20A 120v Circuit - $500/month + $600 Setup
    Call/Email for Cage Pricing
    Up to 60A per Cabinet, 208v Power Available
    Buy Now/Request Quote

    Performance Network Bandwidth
    256 kbps - $30
    512 kbps - $50
    1-5 Mbit/sec - $90 per Mbit/sec
    5-10 Mbit/sec - $75 per Mbit/sec
    10-20 Mbit/sec - $65 per Mbit/sec
    20-50 Mbit/sec - $55 per Mbit/sec
    50-100 Mbit/sec - $45 per Mbit/sec
    100+ Mbit/sec - $40 per Mbit/sec
    Buy Now/Request Quote

    Standard Network Bandwidth
    10-50 Mbit/sec - $30 per Mbit/sec
    50-100 Mbit/sec - $25 per Mbit/sec
    100-500 Mbit/sec - $20 per Mbit/sec
    500-1000 Mbit/sec - $15 per Mbit/sec
    1000+ Mbit/sec - Ask for a Quote
    Buy Now/Request Quote

    Additional Outlet w/Remote Reboot (for single servers) - $20
    Cross Connect to Other Carrier - $350/month + $350 setup
    24 Port APC Remote Reboot Strip - $600 setup
    Switches - Call/Email for availability and pricing
    Enteprise SPAM Filtering - $29.95 per month

    Remember, sign-up before August 10th and we can get you free setup as well as discounted monthly fees, depending on the bandwidth commitment.

    All colocation services come with our 100% network uptime SLA and DDoS protection. Our location allows you to cross connect to any provider in the building's Meet Me Room (MMR) or in Equinix, providing you with a wide array of options for T1, DS3, or Ethernet connectivity. In addition, all colocation services include basic remote hands, for running fsck, booting into a different kernel, etc. (advanced remote hands can be purchased for $80 an hour, billed at the half hour) and initial server racking at no additional charge.

    Standard Network - Savvis, PCCW Global, TeliaSonera, and local peering
    Performance Network - AT&T, Savvis, Level(3), MCI/Verizon Business (up within a week or two), PCCW Global, TeliaSonera, and local peering
    Karl Zimmerman - Steadfast: Managed Dedicated Servers and Premium Colocation
    karl @ - Sales/Support: 312-602-2689
    Cloud Hosting, Managed Dedicated Servers, Chicago Colocation, and New Jersey Colocation
    Now Open in New Jersey! - Contact us for New Jersey colocation or dedicated servers

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    Hey Karl,

    do you still remember you sponsoring some servers for

    I was responsible for their relations with you (or better: your colleague did it) at this time and still remember you :-)

    We have opened a new datacenter in MUNICH, Germany, too, which is pretty funny in my opinion as now our ways cross again, but in a similar direction ;-)

    I wish you good luck with your nice offers and only can recommend your services offered here.

    Best regards

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    Great pricing from a great company. People should jump all over this. I couldn't be happier with my servers there.
    I <3 Linux Clusters

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