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    Question Hostingcontroller And Bandwidth

    I am using Hostingcontroller on my windows 2000 dedicated box. But I have trouble with bandwidth monitoring because hosting controller don't support to assign bandwidth or monitoring system..
    is there any software for real time bandwidth monitoring for all my sites and reseller accounts.???

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    To the best of my knowledge: No.

    - James

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    To quote a good british saying: "your stuffed"

    We are planning to drop HC in favour of Ensim which has this function built in.

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    We just took a look at Ensim for windows, and it seems to use the IIS bandwidth throttling for limiting bandwidth. Is that the case?

    Is so that will only track html pages and not any dynamic pages like ASP pages. Check out the microsoft articles at:;q239037&


    Bandwidth limiting on Windows has basically beome the nemesis of mosts Windows based hosting companies.

    Let me know if Ensim usies something different, but from their demo it looks like they just sue the IIS built in one.

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    If I'm remembering right doesn't IIS also throttle bandwidth on a bite/sec basic?

    What you really need is to say "This website can only use a total of 1GB in any period of 30 days"

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