OK, i got a windows 2k adv srv

With 2 network cards, one asigned an internal ip of

and then the other, asigned the external ip for the machine

ok, this is where i am stuck

i have a web and ftp server running from iis, i have given both, the ip address of

if u use isa, u should be familiar with this, basically, you give the webserver the ip number of the internal network card, and then isa the ip address of both the internal and external network cards

ok the webserver works great, someone can type in my domain name or ip number, which will go to my server, go through isa, get the file from iis, and send it back

but for some reason, it will not work for the ftp server, i can only use the ip address to connect to it

i have set up isa to let ftp access go through, but no good

can anyone help