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    I need an asp/mssql programmer

    I need a professional designer who can code in ASP for MSSQL7 and who understands not only how to build a database, but the concepts of design: Optimization, Normalization, etc.

    The site design is done, we just need an advanced database and a front end/admin panel to run it. It must be seamlessly integrated into Our current designer has quoted a price too high for us.

    Please respond via e-mail only if you can take on this task. My E-Mail is [email protected]. I will not read nor respond to PMs. I will send a description of the site to all who respond, and select a designer from there.

    Thank you,

    - James
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    You need a programmer...

    I think if you would post that you need a programmer, more people would contact your for your specific project.

    Good luck in finding one.

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