a special racksale adult hosting deal:

"Special DEAL!"
If you have found this page then you can get a special deal. On top of our normal features, we will give you a FREE TGP/CJ script from (value: 150 USD), two new sets of FREE content from sexcontents every month AND 100gb of transfer - all for $50
Please, when you signup, put "WHT" in the comments field.

All accounts include:
1000mb of diskplace
100gb of transfer
PHP (zend)
Easy to use ENSIM 3.1 panel
Unlimited domains/users/etc
Right to resell.

Price all included: $50
Get more details at

So - why is this special?
...Remember you ONLY pay for your actual use. You buy tranfer in 100gb blocks. When you have used one block you just buy one more.
Most hosts charge you pr month - nomatter if you have used your allocated transfer or not. With us, you ONLY pay for what you use.