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    Host for forums: Tera-Byte or Sonic Host

    Need a host about 200MB+ space and 10GB bandwidth. I bought the "3R" from Tera-Byte today after reading reviews from Then I found this site and read more than a handful of bad reviews about Tera-Byte from slow connection and downtimes. I'm a former Cyberwing customer and I hated that. Why would I go for another host if I will get the same problem. I don't want slow speed or downtimes.

    Should I cancel my order? If so, what is a better host? I already have Myacen. I need another one. Is Sonic-Host any good? I didn't get reviews from the links that I found after searching this board.


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    If i were you i would base it on the reviews if you think they are legit. as those are views of previous customers, and if there is anything you dislike about their service or products mentioned in the review i would cancel. if not bothered, give them a second chance, and maybe they will be better then you could write a good review for them!

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    I prefer Sonic. They have great onion rings!

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    I have had an account at tera byte for almost three years now.
    The uptime and speed has been excellent, and this is the only host I have not had to move from.
    However, if you need a message board, I would probably consider some other options. I heard that back in March, they limited the processing time that cgi scripts are allowed to use. This is probably true, because about that time my small cgi board began timming out at peak internet usage times. Not being a big complainer, I switched to phpBB which I have running on several other sites on another host. Well, now they must have adjusted the MySQL connections because it too reports "Can not connect to mysql database" at peak internet usage times.
    I am considering moving the board to another host and leaving the rest of the site there, simply because it is the one host that I have had the least amount of problems with.
    Also, I never block hot linking on that site because of the huge bandwidth allowance and I also host pages and pics for people there. Recently, another tera byte customer asked how to use htaccess to block hot linking, and because I wrote a tutorial on it for another site, I told him. He said it didn't work, so I tried it on my account there. Not only does Mod_Rewrite not work, but neither does SetEnvIf.
    So honestly, I really do like tera byte, but if you need a subdomains, cpanel, a message board, mod_rewrite, or Set_EnvIf, I would have to say look around. There are much worse hosts out there, and if the above were implemented or fixed, I would love to say that they are the one of the best out there.
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    The onion rings are awesome arne't they?
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    Oh I definately need onion rings.

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    Go with a host with a sense of humor. I say sonic-host is the one!

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