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    Cyberwings : Time for litigation

    Just want to post this, because I've learned over in other resource groups, that people with similar experiences that Cyberwings are putting their customers through need to finally step up and do something about what's being done to them

    1. Get in contact with a lawyer asap. IM not kidding. This whole situation has gone beyond a "simple mistake" to outright negligence and bordering on fraud.

    2. You have the business and contact addresses of Cyberwings. HAVE your lawyer issue a letter stating that you are now voiding your contract with Cyberwings by their own FAULT of not providing what you have paid for (website, space, and connectivity). That you request that you be refunded for the remainder of your contract you have paid through and a pro-rated for the time your servers have been down during this fiasco.

    3. Send a copy of said letter to the Attourney General of the state they are doing business in

    4. Send a copy of said letter to the IRS.

    5. Anyone with current logs, chats, spam, ads etc of Shawn still selling "space" or services during this time should attach these adverts to that letter showing that he is committing fraud (selling services for which he could not provide).

    6. File a claim in Small Claims court to validate your complaint.

    Contact those who were "housing" Cyberwings servers (ie RAckchack, etc) to get confirmation of why Cyberwings was shut-down on their servers. GEt it in WRITING from the company. Send said copy to both AG and IRS as well as file it with your small claims complaint.

    They need to pay for what they are doing, and if it takes litigation to do so, they brought it upon themselves.

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    Ugghh...another Cyberwings thread.
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    Annie-Mei, just to repeat what I said in another post -

    I hope as well that his "STAFF" will be indicted along with him for participation and aiding in this scam that ruin/damaged/hurt many good ppl that innocently hosted their sites with the self proclaimed "Genius" of the hosting industry. In all of the hundreds of the posts, on the various boards around, I failed to find one pointing finger to the self proclaimed CEO-Shawn White - STAFF. TIME IS COME TO POINT FINGERS TO HIS STAFF (paid or otherwise) along with CEO-Shawn White, FOR ASSISTING, PARTICIPATING, AIDING and TAKING PART IN SCAM. I sure do hope that someone will point his "dedicated staff" to this tread, and let them know where and after who we are "going" next.

    wkendrvr a member on the AnanTech Forums did post a little story -

    A boy arranges to buy a donkey for $20... When the donkey arrives, it is clearly dead. He asks the guy for his money back but the guy already spent it. So, what does he do? He sells raffle tickets for $4 a piece to 100 people. The guy that sold him the donkey asked him what happened when the winner found out it was dead. The kid replies, "He was happy I gave him his $4 back" Net in kid's pocket $396 for a dead donkey...
    Shawn and his aids got to know, that aside from return the monies that subscribers to his "service" lost, they would have to pay for remedy/damages they have cost all of us.

    I don't buy the notion "You get what you pay for...". Do we all have to pay in access of $ 600 bucks to be considered as victims of this liar, or $ 20 or even $ 1 are victims too ? Give me a break, CD recorders used to cost thousands of dollars, today you can get some for $ 30. Do they work ? YES, does it apply "You get what you pay for..." NO. In the event that you approach a vendor or a service provider and you the one that who trying to bargain a price, I would understand a "reason" for bad service, but Shawn White he is the one who had solicited us to host with his service, he is the one who send the tons of "Sale" mail, Time to pay [Shawn], you and your dedicated STAFF
    I hope that some of us we learn from the "story" above.
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