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    Cheap Nice Web Hosting Template!

    Web Hosting Template For Sale:
    What you get:

    2 .png files for Fireworks MX
    100% Full Free Customization of 2 HTML Documents
    Free Support / Remodeling anytime if needed.

    $45.95 VIA PayPal First Buyer wins this is a no-bid sale.

    Those are Template HTML documents


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    Nice Design!

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    Some pointers for you wonderers...
    -Note there is not .psds meaning yes you yourself can't do alot of remodeling in photoshop, however if you have fireworks (any version) you can, I offer full remodeling anytime for free because of this as a way to help you.
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    Originally posted by xFuzion
    Some pointers for you wonderers...

    #1 Cheapness: Because you don't get photoshop .psds
    #2 Full remodleing: For that exact reason stated in #1
    I'm having trouble understanding that statement. How does it make it cheaper?

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    Not having the .psd files would make it more difficult to re-model and/or modify.

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    That is why I offer free remodling withen 24 hours after contact if I have access to my computer

    -Also well i guess your right it doesn't make it cheaper but I feel that my skills should be free and they would be... This is a great learning opportunity for me, the only reason I charge is to fund the cost of the programs.

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    i like it, Not bad but they are right about the psd.

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    No psd because I didn't make it in photoshop... <sigh> but Like I said i offer remodeling free anytime.

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    I bought a template from XFuzion a few weeks ago and it worked out great. He made about 5 changes for me for free. So if you buy the template from him you will end up with a great template with no work from you

    My 2 cents.
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    This template would be better if it had some space for introduction for the company! Its like full from the hosting plans!

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    you can make more room it does expand downwards and looks fine...

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