Celebrating 5 Years Of Service - July 1st 2002 - 2007!


To celebrate our 5th birthday on 1st July 2007, from now until the 10th July 2007, we will be offering WHT visitors 50% off all of our web hosting plans and streaming media servers. This discount will last for the lifetime of the account.

To take advantage of this great offer, please quote WHT on the order form.

Visit www.xcellweb.net or www.xcellweb.co.uk for further information!

The pricing with the discounts applied is as follows:

- Upto 32Kbps - 0.20 - 0.28 - $0.40
- Upto 48Kbps - 0.30 - 0.43 - $0.58
- Upto 64Kbps - 0.40 - 0.58 - $0.78
- Upto 96Kbps - 0.60 - 0.85 - $1.15
- Upto 128Kbps- 0.80 - 1.13 - $1.55

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About Us
Established in July 2002, Xcellweb Internet Services (also known as UK ShoutCast) was the first ever UK shoutcast streaming media server provider. We are in our 5th year of trading now and we provide rock solid streaming media services located in Amsterdam, NL.

We currently stream many large professional radio stations and have contracts with major providers across Europe and the Middle East (including the official 2006 Middle East radio station of the year). However all clients utilize the same network, so no matter how big or small you are, you too will recieve the same great uptime as some of the biggest radio stations in the world.

We are a stable company in our fifth year of trading. We are not a "fly by night" stream provider, offering everything for next to nothing and then going out of business in a few month after customers leaving due to bad service. We have not come this far by cutting corners and we do not intend to lose our grip on the high level of service we provide. We have strong company ethics, we do not oversell in any way and we will not short change a customer. We also do not make promises we cannot keep and we aim to provide the customer with the very best support we possibly can at all time.

Impressive Network & Uptime
We utilize the LeaseWeb network in Amsterdam, NL and have done since the end of 2004. This network is renowned for being highly reliable and has over 100Gbps (yes thats right 100Gbps) of current connectivity via multiple carriers and peering exchanges including AboveNet, TeliaSonera, Global Crossing and AMS-IX to name but a few. For more information on our network, please click here.

We are very proud of our uptime record, so proud in fact that we don't hide it, its available for anyone and everyone to see 24/7 and we are sure you will be impressed. In the last 12 months, 9 of them have had 100.00% uptime. In fact the network itself has possibly enjoyed 100% uptime, as the host machine being monitored getting rebooted or recieving hardware upgrades is usually the cause of any outages. You can view our network uptime here.

We reguarly get clients returning due to other stream hosts not matching our level of service or uptime. Just last month one client returned after trying two other stream providers for reasons similar to this.

Resllers Welcome
You are more then welcome to resell our streaming media servers! In fact, we introduced a reseller plan in 2005 and now provide a lot of resellers with services they and their clients trust.

You can view our reseller plan here.

Questions Welcome
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask away either via posting in this thread, sending me a PM or emailing sales@xcellweb.net. We will be more then happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!

Kindest Regards
Matthew Cullum
Managing Director
Xcellweb Internet Services

Website - www.xcellweb.net
Email - sales@xcellweb.net