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    * Newbie question: Registering, and transfering a name to a host

    I'm new to the web hosting biz...
    I was interested in registering a domain name. Maybe hosting with Dixiesys.

    Where should i register the domain name, and how do I transfer to a host?
    Shoudl I do everything with Dixiesys, or should I register for the cheapest possible, then transfer.

    Are there typically fess to transfer (from the transferring company) AND the Transfer TO company??
    Any help on this would be appreciated!

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    Registering a domain name and hosting a domain are 2 entirely different processes.

    It's best to register your own name, at a registrar, as opposed to getting a host to do it for you - I wouldn't recommend using NetSol btw.

    Once you have your domain name registered, you can then seek somewhere to host it.

    In your welcome email from the host, you will be given nameserver details along with some IPs to enter into the registrars' database which allows your domain name to point to the hosting account.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    i would recommend or
    The user panel @ go daddy is a breeze to make any changes including ownership changes, should you ever sell the name. it's free to transfer ownership. Also setting up the DNS is swift & very easy.

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    To clarify: you don't "transfer" your name to a host. Buy your name from a registrar then use your control panel at the registrar to "point" your name to the webhost.

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    Here's how it works:

    1. You type into your browser.
    2. Your browser goes to the central domain name registry and looks up
    3. It sees that the nameservers associated with your are pointing to
    4. Your browser then goes to and asks for the website.
    5. sends the files to your browser and the website is displayed.

    So once you register, you can POINT it (using the nameservers associated with the domain name) to any hosting company.

    In this way, the hosting and domain registration are two completely seperate services.

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