Who are you?
I'm working as a freelance Interaction Designer (BA Digital Media Design) and depending on the kind of work requested, I also work with an Art Director (MA Digital Media Design), Flash Designer/Illustrator (MA Digital Media Design) & Web Developers (bachelor level certificate/degree) (all working freelance too).


We work together with the client to come to the best possible result. Concept design is priority #1, we believe a good design is impossible without a good concept because it will lay out a solid base.

On this base we can develop nearly anything: from application to website (with or without flash, dynamic or relatively static) to print design (logo's, letterheads etc. in vector format and variable sizes and color combinations [eg. on white or black paper]).

A website, in our opinion, needs to be intuitive. We always strive to make it fast-loading yet visually attractive. Information should always be clearly accessible and navigational paths short.

To get to the best possible site we use a path of:
Client analysis, information (content) analysis, information architecture schemas, storyboards, several visual development phases, building & coding phase and finally the testing period. The client will be involved in all of these phases so we can adjust the project to the client's feedback.

What do we work with?
We work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver & Homesite and test designs thoroughly on Netscape 4.x, 6.x, Mozilla, Opera & IE and on all resolutions. Program languages used: (D)HTML, CSS, XML, PHP w/ mySQL.

What will we deliver?
We will install and test all products and make them bug-free. All designs will also be delivered including all source material (PSD's, AI's, fonts, all coding files) so they can be altered by anyone on a later date without harming the design.

How much does it cost?
Since every client has different demands, we don't have a set price. Contact us with your wishes and we will give you a quote.

How fast will it be done?
This depends on the size of the project and how busy we are. We can give you an estimate on the development time along with a quote, and once you're seriously interested we can give you an estimate for when we think we can finish the project.

How do I contact you?
You can PM me here or send an email to:
[email protected]

Of course you're also free to send any questions .

PS. For anyone in Montréal, Canada: I'm moving there soon (visa application in progress), so if you can provide me with a perm or temp job there, please contact me personally.