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    Have any other of you hosts thought of this?

    1 megabyte actually equals 1024 kilobytes. Altho that may not seem like that much of a different it will give your clients extra space and trasnfer. If your offer 2 gigs of transfer they mess out on 48 megs(maybe just enough to get by for that month).

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    THe bandwidth monitors take that into account. So the customer is not missing out on anything.

    I have yet to cut a customer off or charge for less than a gig of overage.
    Most host are pretty easy going it is the guys that use way over we worry about.

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    That's exactly right. We're very lax on our charging policy for excess bandwidth and generally either don't charge or offer a client the ability to upgrade packages instead of extra billing.

    Charging for 48 megs of extra traffic would either be from an automated source or the president of a really-tight ship



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    We charge for overage of 1+ MB, simply because it's completely automated. Our customers can log into our control panel and view graphs of their http, ftp, shell, and listserv traffic, and so there's no surprises.
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