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    I noticed while scrolling some old posts that's communication's skills are as poor now as they were a couple of years ago. In addition, they have now taken to housing terrorist web sites, namely
    I am a freelance writer and have done a number of articles on terrorist web sites in general (available at Not surprisingly, the subject of came up.
    Please let me know what you think of this and what's the deal with Then there's the issue of their porno subsidiary as well,
    Are the resular posters still having trouble with the company about technical issues as well?
    Here are my thoughts:

    Thankfully, we’re beginning to see some media attention paid to the issue of terrorist web sites, some of which experts believe have been used by terrorists to plan attacks against America. But is the issue really that important? I believe it is and so does Reuven Paz, director of the Project for the Research of Radical Islam in Haifa, and senior research scholar at the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, (

    Paz wrote in a recent article, (
    For the many Al-Qa`idah supporters in the Muslim world and in Muslim communities in the West, these web sites are an important link. They provide a crucial service in keeping the Islamist supporters in touch with the scholars who developed—and provide Islamist religious legitimacy to—ideological and religious messages in support of attacks against Western culture, the United States, Israel and the Jews in general. Two of the major themes here are the Islamic legitimacy of the September 11th attacks in the United States, and the use of suicide terrorism against every possible Western targets all over the world, and not only against Israel.”

    Paz points out that one site,, is worthy of special note because it is “the web site of the main ideological direction of the global Jihad.”

    In addition, as USA Today reporter Jack Kelley pointed out in a recent cover article, ( the site, which officials believe has ties to al-Qaeda, encourages Muslims to travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight “the Jewish-backed American crusaders,” or American soldiers. It also provides other information intended to help raising suspicion for those planning to travel.

    The site reads, “If you are working, either resign from your job and take a year off or request unpaid leave from your employer. Many large companies offer unpaid leave to their employees for periods ranging from two months to one year. That way you can fulfill your obligation (of jihad) and not have to give up your job.”
    U.S. officials also told Kelley that the site contains encrypted messages – a methodology known as steganography. Alarmingly, officials believe that these hidden messages contain instructions for al-Qaeda’s next terrorist attacks. Officials at the National Security Agency are trying to crack the codes.

    Then in addition to the more dangerous encrypted information there’s the openly available information available to anyone who chooses to access the site. For example, it contains a newly posted article titled “Blaze of Glory.” Read carefully a short extract of this propaganda piece. The entire piece may be found at

    “Crawling in and out of the swinging door of consciousness, the Muslim Ummah finds herself torn. Nearly ten months ago, the World was witness to a momentous attack against the greatest Empire of modern times. On September 11, 2001, a little past nine in the morning, time stood still. In a brief moment, the United States of America suffered the pain the people of Iraq and Palestine endure on a daily basis. The people stood beside the rubble, covered in dust and for a moment realized the fragility of their apparent Superpower status.
    In one of the most sophisticated, well-planned attacks seen in modern times, the Twin Towers, the source of providing $5 Billion in annual aid to Israel, were destroyed. And what is often conveniently forgotten is that the third plane turned the Pentagon, the symbol for American military supremacy, into a rhombus, whilst the fourth plane was shot down by the US themselves. In barber shops, cafes, markets, everywhere people were whispering celebrations. It obviously meant that someone was upset with the United States, in fact, someone was very upset.
    Rather than reflect on the motives for this attack or for the US to stop and think, ‘Why did this happen to us? Why did it not happen to Argentina or New Zealand or Austria?’, the US decided to wipe the world clean of Islam once and for all. They began with Afghanistan, the only nation on Allah’s Earth to have established His Law on the land.”

    In spite of the all of this, Pennsylvania-based internet service provider continues to host the blatantly anti-American, anti-Israeli and pro-terrorist

    While an initial electronic tracing of the site shows it as being hosted by Houston-based “Everyone’s Internet,” (which also hosts a Hamas web site that asks for donations to buy guns and bullets to fight Israelis) the site is actually hosted by through a technique called “HTML nested frames” and “page re-direct.”

    Here’s what that means. points to which points to which points to is at in Pennsylvania.

    With that in mind, I wrote the following to “I am a freelance writer who is doing a series of articles on internet terrorism for a number of web sites ... I am curious why you continue to host, a blatantly obvious source of terrorist propaganda. Even an article in USA Today last week does not appear to affect your willingness to host this site.”

    When there was no initial response forthcoming, I wrote again...and again...and again... Guess what? I finally received this response from Jason R. Brozena, vice-president of Marketing and Public Relations at BurstNet. Brozena, (who may be reached at [email protected]) huffily responded in an e mail to me, “Please stop the e mails to my department about this topic. There are inherent reasons why I do not and cannot reply to this same email.”

    I wrote back to Brozena. “Try responding to it the first time and I wouldn’t keep sendingand sending.”

    He e- mailed me back. “I figured you would take the hint after strike one and strike two with no
    replies. Guess I was wrong. No harm done, just understand there are much bigger reasons to not reply and that is all you need know.”

    Uh huh. “Inherent reasons.” Sure. Inherent reasons that apparently allow terrorist to bounce around from one site to the next without being caught by the government. As my friend Johnathan Galt (who is responsible for providing me with hours of technical help and many leads that have allowed me to write these articles) commented in a recent e-mail, “You can see the logic -- if one site goes down -- perhaps some ‘crusader’ was successful at getting the ISP to shut them off, they can quickly bring it up at another cheap ISP and have their entire site back up in a matter of hours. Isn’t al-Qaeda devious?”

    They sure are, Johnathan. I wish we were as clever but sadly it’s evident we’re not. According to the Associated Press in an interview published Saturday, the head of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency says he believes that Osama bin Laden is still alive and hiding along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. If bin Laden is alive, I wonder how much that’s due in part to the efforts of ISP’s like and others.

    It’s just a thought. You decide!
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    who cares, you cant scan everything, the man power alone would put you out.

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    As said before, the government wants to site up.

    It's almost a sure bet they are tracking visitors, so every here at WHT go visit the site and get your name on a list.

    Media is complete crap that use fear to attract ratings.
    You're just trying to get some sort of recognition from this fear.

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    The West
    The site is down.

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    JReynalds, I don't know anything about's motives, no more than you do.
    All I know is that if the site was kept up on purpose, say, because it allowed a government agency to track down terrorists, all you're likely to have done here is mess up their plan. I'm not sure that you're right to do what you're doing. I would certainly take all this with a pinch of salt. - the Social Internet Toolbox.

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    if you come across something like his or someone comes across it before you and make you aware of something wrong then you have an obligation to look into it.

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    jreynalds wrong...Chris right

    To go on this tirade and while I appreciate your concern, you best leave law enforcement to those qualified. It is quite common for hosts to be informed they have less than desirable customers by law enforcement agencies, particularly by the FBI. The general process is that they are asked to leave the site active, and, until someone like you makes a major issue out of it, law enforcement is able to trace and track all activity. The site is of much more use to law enforcement up and operating than closed. Burst acknowledged your email and told you clearly they could not discuss it. The very nature of
    There are inherent reasons why I do not and cannot reply to this same email
    would tell someone all they need to know. It tells us in the industry, that the site is probably being watched. You may have played a role in hindering rather than assisting law enforcement. I personally know Burst to have cooperated with agencies in just this matter previously. So, through ignorance you may have assisted those you so despise.

    If you and your organization want to be of benefit, you better learn more about what you are doing before launching attacks such as this one.

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    ... in my mind ...
    from jreynalds post...
    Here’s what that means. points to which points to which points to is at in Pennsylvania. =>
    This website removed for "Terms of Service" (TOS) Violations
    I've been following since two weeks after September 11. The site has been up and down several times.

    The U.S. Intelligence community will not be the least bit distracted or deterred by the reporting of on burstnet's servers by jreynalds, or anyone else for that matter.


    For one thing, nothing was reported that wasn't already known. There were no secrets compromised. If someone reading in this forum believes that terrorists were under the impression that they were using burstnet's servers secretly, then I tell you this: It is that kind of naivete that best serves the enemies of Western Civilization, or, depending on one's perspective, the enemies of any civilization.

    clockwork says...
    Media is complete crap that use fear to attract ratings.
    I agree to some extent... the media also uses sex to attract ratings... the media, worldwide, has, in my opinion, become little more than sponsored puppets... but they know that's what the people want to see...

    However, regardless of anyone's "theory", mine included, that the media is using fear to attract ratings, this fact remains: There exists a very well organized, dedicated society of individuals whose goal is to completely eradicate the entire earth of any man, woman or child who does not subscribe to their beliefs.

    These goals are openly stated, have been so for several hundred years, and will never be abandoned. Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran re-ignited the smoldering, half dead embers of radical Islamic fire with his emergence as Iran's great spiritual leader, humiliating "The Great Satan" in the eyes of the nations. On November 4, 1979, 3,000 militants overran the U.S. Embassy in Teheran and captured 54 embassy staff members. The U.S., under President Carter, could do nothing about it. The hostages were finally released 444 days later, on President Ronald Reagan's inauguration day.

    As a citizen of the United States of America, an ex-Marine with combat experience (Purple Heart) and a child of God, I can say that I would be extremely angry if Saudi Arabia, or any foreign country, had a military base on my native soil, much less in close proximity to ground I consider sacred. Yet no one in my country is outraged by our military presence in Saudi Arabia, where Islam has its holiest of holy places, Mecca and Medina.

    Try to imagine an armed Extremist Islamic camp inside the Vatican. How might you then feel if you were Catholic?

    The challenge the people of the United States face, in my opinion, is first realizing, then admitting some humbling facts about their own nature: We are a money driven, pleasure seeking nation of pirates, with little concern for the plight of others who live their lives by different standards.

    Our foreign policy is the consequence of very basic principles, among them:

    1) There are the "haves", and the "have nots". Those who are among the "have nots" want that which is controlled by the "haves", and those who are among the "haves" will do whatever necessary to keep what they have.

    2) Presently the people of the United States are 100% dependent on oil for their very survival. Without oil, this country as we know it, shuts down. Oil not only fuels our transportation industry, warms our houses and lubricates our gears, it is used to make plastic. Plastic is everywhere. I doubt if more than 10% of the people of my country could survive without the conveniences of electricity, super markets and running tap water.

    There exists a very dangerous phenomena in the United States: We are so entrenched in our habitual patterns of behavior, that we cannot seem to compute in our deadened brains that life outside our borders is a very different reality.

    The unforseeable consequences of the industrial revolution in the United States, with all its material "rewards" have led us down the path of self-deception until we have reached the point of no return.

    It is We The People who demand oil. That demand was initially created for us by those who saw a way to profit from the gooey black substance. It was a gradual process, just like the takeover of our country has been and continues to be a gradual process. And we fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Now, we demand it. And as long as this dependency continues, the planet will continue to die from asphyxiation, the people of this country will continue to live in a daydream bubble, and those we have, with arrogance, routinely offended and outraged in other parts of the world will continue to sacrifice their lives to bring an end to "The Great Satan" (also known as "The Great Deceiver").

    I tell you with certainty, if there is not a radical a change in values and material dependencies in the United States of America, the United States of America will very, very soon become just another lesson in history.
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