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    Warning: Toshiba Laptops

    Buy laptops from NOT toshiba. After a month 8 pixels have gone bad, leaving gaping holes in the screen. The screen isn't covered by their warrenty and the store won't take it back because I didn't buy their 500$ extended warranty. (COMPUSA those bastards)

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    I would be PO'ed to!!

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    Ack. That' is rough. I've never had that type of problem with a laptop, though an LCD screen for my desktop computer got some bad pixels after two or three months, and I was only covered for the first month because I also didn't buy an extended warrenty.
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    thats why i only buy dell laptops
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    Sorry to say this:

    I worked with all brands of laptops going from Compaq crap to Dell to Toshiba to acer to white boxes...

    My opinion after all is that I love Toshiba stuff..
    It's made for the hard work...
    Ultimate stability, quick service, fast systems, ...

    I just think you have a problem with the store where you bought it, and I think you may not blame toshiba for this problem. If your reseller has problems with Toshiba, just try to contact a Toshiba Service Center yourself.

    ANY brand who make LCD screens know there is a little chance that dead pixels may occur by the production of LCD screens. Some brands will give you a new one after one dead pixel, others starting from eight. I'm sure that if you tell toshiba of that problem they'll help you out as quickly as possible.

    And... If you aren't satisfied with Toshiba, buy CompaQ next time and then you'll know what crap is.

    We've send a CompaQ E500 (costed over $3500) back to the service center already 8 TIMES.

    The CPU ran always to hot -> crashes frequently

    sent to Compaq...
    4 weeks later

    Compaq sent it back to us and said it wasn't true.
    So we tried him for another week. At least 15 crashes a day, and reset wouldn't work, power button doesn't work,... only a remove of the battery did the job to get the labby back to work (for 10mins from the next crash)

    Sent back to Compaq...
    4 weeks later

    Compaq replaced the mobo...
    but, the mainboard they installed was another type (without ethernet controller on-board). So we sent it back.

    4 weeks later

    Compaq told us they replaced the mobo AGAIN, this time with a correct type of mobo...

    We use it... still no ethernet adaptor found...
    We sent him back to CompaQ

    4 weeks later
    Compaq said that there WAS an ethernet card on the mobo, but the connectors to the mobo ware burned due to our fault: they say we put an ISDN line in that connector for the LAN port, using different voltages and thats why the connection burned inside the connector.

    I called CompaQ; said I received the labby back, said I DO NOT HAVE ANY ISDN LINES SO THAT CAN'T BE POSSIBLE.... CompaQ dissagreed...

    but ok... he worked....
    So, we ordered a compaq docking station...

    we got it... and guess what... he crashed all the times when he was on the docking station.

    We sent the docking station back to compaq...
    4 weeks later
    Compaq says it works fine and sent it back to us...

    Another test...
    still those problems when on docking station...
    We sent it back to CompaQ, this time the laptop AND docking station...

    4 weeks later
    Compaq agreed and replaced the docking station...

    And like this story, I can tell you others, all CompaQ...
    Toshiba: never had problems.
    Even when a labtop actually fell of my desk, I grabbed it, put it on my desk... put it on, and works fine !!!!

    What I wanna say is:
    Don't blame toshiba for a single problem

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    Well, although this thread is about your problems, I have to also say that my experiences have thnakfully been different as well. We have a 325CDS (heh, Chicken Death Squad, just realized that), and she's been on for years and years and years and years (can't recall exactly when I got this puppy) and been fine.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles though... - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    I don't like them altogether. Their VCR's, Laptops, TV's, everything I have ever bought from them ends up having some kind of problem.

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    Well this thread is right up my old ally, I used to be very into laptops from Acer to Toshiba and anything inbetween, both for comercial and private sectors. Sorry to tell you that the warrenties on all laptops specifically state that a certain amount of depixalization (Pixels going out) must accour before they will replace the screen under the "LIMITED Warrenty". LCD screens are made up of thousands of tiny pixels each of which is wired directly, the chances of failure is actually pretty good. I was in the business more then 10 years and you would be amazed at how many LCD's have pixels out on them, must are in corners where end users do not notice.
    Do a little test, go down to any computer store, CompUSA, Circuit City, BestBuy, etc; and look at their LCD screens, willing to bet you will find at least one that has some depixization.

    I am not in this business anymore, but CompUSA's extended service plans are way overpriced, I did some price matching this last weekend due to a need to replace my current laptop and found that CompUSA has one of the most expensive extended services, Bestbuy had a decent one at $220 which did cover screen depixlizaion and batteries (which I go thru at least once per year), I must admit I bought their extended service and a brand new Toshiba. I am not saying I do not feel for you, or that it is fair to have to own a laptop with pixels out, but when the warrenties clearly state they do not cover that, and yes all of them do, it is best to make sure you have somekind of protection yourself.

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    I will never, ever again buy another piece of Toshiba equipment and have encountered many people who will never buy Toshiba again either.

    Get a drink, sit down and relax whilst I rave about my experience - exact times may not be exact - but it's what happened.

    Early June 2001 - My Dell laptop broke down after several years of flawless service and I decided to buy a new laptop instead of getting it repaired. $4000 later I walk out of Harvey Norman (big computer retailer here in Australia) with a brand spanking new Toshiba Satellite 2833DVD (PIII 700mhz, 64mb ram, dvd, WindowsME, 10gb, etc)

    Late June 2001 - 6 dead pixels develop on the LCD in an area right centre screen. Toshiba say they will only fix LCD displays with 10 or more (if my memory serves correctly)... so I live with the problem.

    Early July 2001 - Horrible discoloration starts happening on the wristwrest - unsightly and is quite embarassing. Toshiba agree to fix it, admitting it is a known problem. Laptop was gone for a week.

    Late July 2001 - Recovery/Application CD no longer works saying "WRONG MACHINE" when attempting to use it. Toshiba refuse to fix the problem. Discoloration happens again which is fixed. Mouse (accupoint) develops a mind of its own - moving all over the place - they fixed this by replacing the whole keyboard/mouse assembly.

    Mid September 2001 - Discolouration happens again worse than ever. Toshiba keep machine for 2 weeks until we call asking where it is, our response was "Oh, sorry, we haven't ordered the part yet" so we get it back. Toshiba finally relent and fix the WRONG MACHINE problem.

    Early October 2001 - The bios starts randomly resets itself. This clears passwords and owner information. We take the laptop back - they refuse to fix this but they fix the wristpad which was still discoloured from September.

    Late October 2001 - Several keys on the keyboard just fall off. Mouse has also developed a mind of its own again so they whole keyboard assembly was replaced - this happened overnight.

    November 2001 - Discolouration - fixed.

    January 2002 - Same discoloration, mouse develops a mind of its own again. Fixed and fixed.

    Late February - Discoloration. Toshiba fix after keeping it for almost two weeks.

    Early March - Discoloration. Toshiba say they found a solution to stop it from happening and said (after we pressured them) that it will be replaced if it happens again (we got this in writing and on the phone). Toshiba also fix random bios resetting at last.

    Mid April - Discolouration and random bios resetting starts again. We ask for a replacement. Toshiba basically tells us that they will not be fixing any problems anymore and we will have to live with it (despite the fact that we paid for a 3 year warranty). We threaten legal action.

    Mid May - after much debate with Toshiba they finally agree to replace the laptop. It is replaced with a Satellite 1800 series (PIII 1.1ghz, DVD, 20gb, Windows XP, etc).

    After having the new laptop after about a day it starts randomly turning itself off. A quick check of Toshiba USA's website revealed it is a known problem with the model and we download a fix.

    Once the fix was applied, no further problems were experienced. I am using this laptop now and it runs fine.

    At the end of all this, we found out from Harvey Norman the extra money paid also covered courier pickup and delivery when it was supposed to get fixed - all this time we had been driving the laptop into Silverwater or Parramatta to get fixed (about 40 minutes each way) - nice of them to tell us before all the drama happened.

    My best friend also has the Satellite 2833 purchased around the same time. We had most of the same problems (chuck in a failed HDD and a stuffed DVD drive in there and you'll have his scenario - most of the time we would take the laptops in together to save petrol because they would both develop problems around the same time). So far Toshiba are refusing to do anything else with his laptop so it looks like he is stuck with the problems.

    All along my Grandmother had been helping me with Toshiba (most of the time dealing with them was too stressful I felt like crying afterwards). The funny thing was that the last time my friend took his laptop in to get fixed the following happened:
    - They denied any knowledge saying his laptop had never been repaired before
    - They said the problem was not known
    - They said to my best friend's mum "You're the Grandmother aren't you?" - she replied "No, that's my son's best friend".
    - They mysteriously knew about the problems again and admitted it was a known problem despite a few minutes before saying they knew nothing about it.

    Anyway - I'm happy with my current Toshiba laptop but I should not have had to go through the stress I did - I'm never buying Toshiba again and when it comes time to buy my next laptop I'll be going back to Dell.

    --Shaun (who regrets moving away from Dell in the first place).
    Shaun Ewing

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    Not to put your experience downplayed but nothing I have not seen from any other manufacture before.
    I hear just as many praises for any one manufacture as I hear negativities, I been dealing with mobile computers (if you could of called them that back then lol) since mid 80's, when apple came out with the Apple IIc.
    I personally have had nothing but good experience with Toshiba... does that mean I have never had a problem with thier laptops? no, but I have owned, at least once every manufacture of laptops and portable computers that I know of, including but not limited to handhelds (ie PocketPC and Palm), just that it performed better then the experiences I have encountered with other mobile computers.
    I tell everyone, find a manufacture you like and stick with them. When it comes to mobile computers there really is not a huge difference in specs, specially when most major manufactures now allow you to customize the machines. But if you would like know know the worse case I had it happened to be a dell, and it was a semi-minor item really.... Dell likes to use, at one time at least, very propriatory memory modules in their laptops which, were at that time, double the cost of the standard memory modules.

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    Btw, I currently have two toshiba's, one HP, and that old dell still... out of the 4 laptops 2 have some depixelization and the other two are fine, one has had the HD replaced twice and yet another has not had a working floppy since two days after warrenty expired.
    Three have cosemetic flaws with the wrist rest area being warn and one has the touch pad desensitized where I need to push slightly harder then should be.
    All are less then 5 years old with the newest being less then 7 months old. I replace my main laptop yearly and then get rid of my oldest one, which usually by that time just gets tossed not much left of it. I am hard on them, I admit that, but that is also why I believe in those extra service contracts (no not the overly priced compusa one) because out of the 5 I currently own all had to have battery replacements at least once with the oldest on its third and newest on its original, two of them have been replaced by the retailer, ya I was amazed actually, I took it in and they replaced it on the spot and it was 16 months old on the one.
    My experience might not be typical though

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    IBM laptops are the best. Well nothing to hide - expensive as well.

    For e-mail I use toshiba and it's fine, the battery (NI I believe) is rather bad, but hey - it's been 2 years since I bought it!

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    IBM.... I am not going to say they "are the best", or anything like that. But my T20 plugs along very nicely, in fact I end up using it more than any of my desk top units. I will buy another IBM if I can afford one when this one needs to be replaced.
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    They oldest one I currently still operate is a Toshiba satellite 105cs that sports blazing fast P100 (ya that is Mhz), with ample 24MB RAM, and a spacious 800MB HD... but it still works quite well, I use it for only one task. It runs Linux RH6.2 and has one proc that is an eggie for irc. That is all it does, so it works great still
    I forgot about this laptop when I listed my current laptops because I forgot I even still have it. I bought this one in 95' when Win95 first came out.

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    I understand that the limited warranty does not cover a small number of pixels, but all 8 pixels are black and quite visible, and 3 are very close. I know there are "millions of transisters" and blah blah, I went through all the support. Toshiba said that if there are pixels missing like that, the store should exchange it. I did not come here for your sympathy or whatever, just stating my experience. It is hard to say who is to blame, CUSA or Toshiba. Both point the blame at the other. Lets end this discussion anyways, it isn't going too well...

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