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    * FOR SALE

    PixelGenie.COM -
    Expires: 7/01/2003
    This domain name speaks for itself. It can be used for a number of things, ranging from web design companies to template stores. Can even be used as a personal site for a cool alias. This is an excellent domain. It can be worth a lot if you develop into, lets say, a template site.

    The domain is registered at Registerfly, so you will need an account there (free to register). Transfer of ownership is free and instant.

    Payment & Bidding Details:
    I accept payment via Paypal.
    I prefer that you bid on this thread OR if you really need to keep it private, you may PM me or email me at [email protected]

    The domain starts at $15 and buyout is $75. Auction will end on July 25th, but I may extend if necessary.

    NOTE: Please no negative comments about the uses of these domains. Only serious bids please!

    I will sell the domain to the highest bidder.

    With all that said, go ahead and start the bidding!

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    Is that 7th January 2003 or 1st July 2003 expiry on that domain?

    heh, I'm from the UK where our standard is: DD/MM/YYYY

    It is a very promising domain.

    - Omar

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    It's 1st July 2003, sorry I didn't clarify that

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    Hrmm that is a nice name!

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    Any bids? I'm taking any offers, the domain must go!

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