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    need some ideas for a backend on my site...

    So i was trying to come up with some nifty ideas to further aide clients on my web design site. I've come up with a small mock for the backend when a user logs in. i've designed a message system and i thought i'd add in some type of FTP feature that clients can upload ideas that they might have to kind of help me out a little bit. So basically, a client can upload their files and the files that they upload to their directory will be displayed on their client panel. Also, if i upload anything to their directory it will show on their panel. Aside from that, what else should i do? I've been sittin here for like 2 days trying to come up with more, but is there more?

    Oh yeah, i've also made some type of system of logging hours so the client can view how many hours has been spent on a project. I don't even know if that's the best idea, but that's the best i can come up with so far.

    Pretend you were a client in need of a web or identity package, what would you want to see after you were logged in?

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    A options panel - something that will ask me what do I want to do next

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    A billing/invoice system maybe need to be considered ..

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    Alert system to warn when you spend the time for project.
    Dead line module may be, some module to split project in some level
    Just idea ....

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    I think a live chat-like application would do good in project development? And perhaps a schedule or todo-list, or both
    hi there!

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    I'd like to see a progress report, on how my project is coming along.
    An invoice system, perhaps some sort of messaging system.

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    All of the above is excellent. And a nice layout too can't hurt

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    Concur with the above - try to avoid "Designed by a developer" syndrome and the rest should come naturally.

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