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    uk transfer times


    Would anyone know how long a domain name takes to transfer?

    I'm using FIBRANET aka

    The domain name has had it's IPSTAG changed to FIBRANET last week, before I knew about it! Today I've used the freeparking interface to 'transfer in' the domain name.

    Will this affect the move?

    Help much appreciated ,

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    When an IPSTAG is changed it is an instant event as soon as the automaton has processed it.

    However, when youchange the name servers the changes are not loaded into the root name servers for .uk till 6-8am the next morning and then they have to propagate.

    It looks like there is a problem with Freeparkings DNS servers or name server changeover.
    You will need to contact them to get it fixed.

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    Thanks GordonH.

    But it seems that the IPSTAG has changed, but I can't change the nameservers

    I've contacted the support people, and hopefully they will help.


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