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    * CW has my domain captive

    Does anyone offer transfers and parking until I chose a new host

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    If you purchased your domain thru CW ..they are done with godaddy and can be changed here [url][/url

    That is the one honest thing that works from Cyberwings........The domain names are registered to you

    I changed my last one as late as 2 days ago
    and if you are looking for a hosting company that has good support you might try dot5hosting..........they have been very good to me and my sites were up in under 12 hours

    Good luck...............If you need help changing your DNS on the Cyberwings me and I would be glad to help
    [email protected]

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    Have a look at e_Synaptix too. I have been using two accounts with them for over a year and Wes is a very responsive host.

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