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Thread: Who's Safe?

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    Paulak issued bullet points for all WorldCom customers that don't already have extensive contingency plans:

    Don't sign contracts for long-term WorldCom services until its financial situation is clearer.

    Sign six-month extensions for expiring contracts.

    Duplicate and investigate alternative hosts for Web sites hosted by WorldCom or Digex.

    Evaluate how a second Internet service provider (ISP) might be used for Internet access and develop a virtual private network.

    Where there is no alternative ISP, order back-up dial-up ISDN (integrated services digital network) services for key locations.

    Many companies have redundant systems or contracts with multiple providers--despite the cost--just to protect against this sort of problem. Internet service provider EarthLink, for example, buys network access from WorldCom, Sprint and Level 3 Communications.
    Who's the safest dedicated host out there?


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    Re: Who's Safe?

    "Viewing the financial disasters as acts of God--it may seem extreme, but it's actually a very appropriate analogy and makes perfect sense to me," said Tom Jenkins, a telecommunications analyst and vice president at TeleChoice in Tulsa, Okla. "We know that the small providers are in trouble, but how much better off are the Sprints, Qwests and AT&Ts? It's not a matter of switching from one to the other; it's a matter of protecting yourself from everyone. You can't predict anything anymore."


    lol thats not 2 hours away i live in Oklahoma too

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