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    Free Apraisal for names

    Okay I have like 30 domains registered to me and i dont want half of them. I know there are places taht will apraise the worth of your domains so that you know what to try and sell them at. But they all charge for this. Do anyone know a place that will not charge me for this. a few of the names would be like,, and so on. I would like to get rid of alot of my names and wouldnt mind making an extra buck off of them. Also any ideas on good ways to sell them and make decent amount of money off of them. One person suggested making a layout for them and selling them with the layout on ebay and said i could get like 15-25 bucks for even dull names and they told me they aucally have recieved 1200 for one name before. So i mean tell me what you think because like all of you i would love to get the most amonut of money out of my domains as possible.

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