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    Unhappy Help! I Can't Access My Websites From My Home Network!

    I am hosting a couple of websites from home, and I can not access them from my home network. I can access the sites fine externally (from work, etc.), but not from home! As you can imagine, this is kind of frustrating!

    My server is running Windows 2000 Advanced Server with IIS 5.0 and FrontPage 2000 extensions. I am connecting using Road Runner over a Toshiba cable modem and a D-Link DI-704 4 port switch. The server is sitting in the DMZ, while my other two computers are inside the hardware firewall provided by the DI-704. I am also running Tiny Personal Firewall on my server.

    I can access a website if it resides in the root web on my server, but I canít access any of the other webs (at least I canít figure out how I can). The way Iím able to access the root web from another PC at home is by entering the name of my server in the web browser. Entering the actual www. Name only results in a page not found error.

    Any help with this problem is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    What do the error logs say when you get the 404? That would be the best place to start.
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    My main PC at home has Windows XP and IE 6.0 on it, and I just get the screen with 'We can't find "www.******.com". Click Go to try your address again. Or, correct the spelling of your address above and click Go.'

    One other item I forgot to mention is that since I'm hosting with a dynamic IP connection (from Road Runner), I'm using to direct traffic to my site.

    To me it almost seems that since my server and my other PCs are sitting on the same network, my request is not even going to a DNS to resolve the site address. I don't know if this is the problem or not, but I don't know what else would allow me to browse every website in the world except my own.

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    locate your hosts file on the workstation


    [] [ip of webserver on your network]

    To resolve to your dynamic simply sign up for a account and pick a name.

    Get a client running (Routers come with DDNS services now so you may be able to update dyndns from your router when the ip changes. would be the dyndns name you pick, the ip would be the server that is serving the files for that name on your network etc blah blah lol
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