This week's Colocation offer (whtcolo) at OneZero Hosting (

=======[ FREE Bandwidth! + Free Backups ]==============================================================================
| * 2 Full Megabit Commit for the entire term agreement! **
| * PLUS for WHT users Free daily offsite backups **
| * PLUS for WHT users Free KVM over IP usage **
| * AND this week let OneZero do the work for you. Our DC team will rack and cable your gear for you. Just drop it off and we
| take care of the rest.
| Our Colocation packages include:
  • Individually locked and secure cabinets
  • 24x7x365 access
  • Custom designed video surveillance of every cabinet
  • Each server is on it's own private vlan on Cisco gear
  • Card keyed doors for added security
  • IRC/Adult/Anything allowed. It's your space, do with it as you please
  • Free on site wireless Internet access
| * 1/2 Cabinet (20U), 7.5amp, 10Mb commit included
| - $399/mo, No setup
| * Bandwidth Upgrades...
| - 1Mb $49, 5Mb $209, 10Mb $399, 100Mb+ [email protected]
| To order please email [email protected],
| Visit our site where our live help staff will be able to assist you further,
| Or message me on AIM: ozhdotcom
| [i]Limited Time Offer...[i]

=======[ Also included with every Colocation package ]==============================================================================
| * Free DNS management
| * Free Email Management
| * Free Web Mail Access
| * Free Bandwidth Monitoring, Graphing, Reporting
| * Free System/Service Monitoring, Reporting
| * 24x7x365 access, remote hands.
| * Other features you would expect from a first class DC (redundant network, power, cooling, video surveillance, and more...)

=======[ About OneZero ]==============================================================================
| OneZero Hosting is made up of very talented and skilled engineers, each with at least a Bachelors degree in some field of engineering. You wont
| find any kids playing WOW but rather dedicated professionals set on optimizing and delivering the absolute best to our customers. Now days
| in many other organizations it's commonplace to find will very inexperienced support staff who barely know there way around administering systems.
| NOT at OneZero!
| At OneZero we understand that more is required to deliver what our customers need. Having been in the technology industry for many years
| we understand the needs of our customers from many vantage points. And we strive to learn each customers specific needs as it relates to there
| unique requirements.
| More about our people, Data Center, and Network...
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