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    pwebtech server down

    Hi everyone,

    I hate to do this again, but I ned someone at pwebtech to take notice, as nobody from support has responded to my multiple e-mails in the last two hours, and my server is still down.

    The server has been down since 04:38:14, 07-19-2002.

    Every time I call their support number I am directed to leave a message, but the voicemail box is always full. This is the third time I've had an outage outside of business hours, and this this the third time I've been unable to leave a voicemail message since June 10 when I began doing business with them.

    I am a reseller, yes, and I do not lease a whole server, but I have more than 40 clients to whom I am responsible. I have requested the number for after hours support from Jason, but he declined to give it to me due to my status as a reseller.

    I know Jason and his team are well respected here, and I do appreciate their support, but I am a little frustrated at these problems that occur outside of normal business hours, and I am unable to get ahold of anyone to fix them.

    Thanks for reading,

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    I think mehost should be the people you are contacting not pwebtech.

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    Jason will probably kill me for doing this, but try calling [number removed, issue has been solved]
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    Mehost is owned by Jason/Pegasus and run off the same set of servers.

    Thanks anyhow.

    And thanks matt, calling now.

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    * Problem Solved!

    Thanks, Matt.

    Problem solved. Wonderful.

    And I hope Jason isn't too mad at me either. Please please please.

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