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    Talking Install Redhat 7.3 on a cobalt raq3

    I've get for free a cobalt raq3i, and I would like to want to install redhat 7.3.
    Do yu think I'm crazy ????

    Why ???

    I want full control, and a real linux distribution...
    Is someone has some information about to do that, or some tips to tell me, it'll much appreciated !!!


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    You will void the warranty on your Raq and it is against Sun-Cobalt's terms of use policy.

    It is a crazy idea though. Really dont know if it will boot up.
    May have to alter the ROM.

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    but it's a very very old cobalt. there's no warranty....
    think it's a good idea...

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    1) the odds of you getting it to work are 1 in 1000
    2) you will have a fun time getting an install of redhat on the raq considering it doesn't have a cd-rom nor any of the standard computer ports other than a serial port.
    3) Cobalt linux is a real version of linux, once you telnet into it everything is the same other than a few differant directoy locations.
    Voiding warranties is what I do best.

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