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    CPU load

    Ok very wierd question and hard to answer, but about how many clients would i be able to host(200 megs of space + 7 gigs of transfer) with a dual p3 500mhz machine. Each server running php,asp,mysql,cgi and all the other common stuff that goes with cpanel.

    Thanks for the help, dbbrock1!

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    I'd say you'd use up your 200megs space and 7gigs transfer LONG before you come close to using the CPU to it's capacity.

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    200mb 7gb for each client? or overall.
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    well, it's really hard to say, because it will really depend on CGI load, php/mysql load and other factors. Also, not all clients will use 200MB and transfer 7GB per month. I would say with normal usage (depending on HDD space) you will be doing fine with 200 clients or even more, let's say 300-400. If all statistic and not that popular web site-easily 500...600 domains

    Of course, if all clients willtransfer 7GB per monthand use heavy perl/cgi/phpscripts and host forums,then 100 no more... but then again, it's really hard to say

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