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Thread: Sendmail / Spam

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    Sendmail / Spam

    We have created a script that allows you to monitor Sendmail, something that is really missing in the spam fighting arena. Basically we were told time and time again there's nothing out there that would be able to monitor scripts using sendmail directly

    Basically our script works like this: you renamed your existing sendmail with something that else (IE: sendmail2) then drop our script in its placed (called sendmail) Our system works on an existing mysql database. You can set it to monitor all mail by any user, for example, you can limit the system to stop any emails past 25 emails within any 900 seconds per user.

    You get notified of the abusing customer and the direct location of the script, so there's no hunting involved.

    We have been using the script on our systems for a little over a month and we have caught numerous customers we would never have found. One customer was getting attacked using FormMail 1.6, We found the user, suspended them and the spamming stopped.

    Now, this system is not any control panel specific, all it requires is suexec to run properly and to show the customer abusing your system, without suexec, scripts usually run as nobody.

    Normal Operations: users script ---------> sendmail ---------> outside world
    Our Script script: users script ---------> our script ---------> sendmail ---------> outside world

    What as a host would you find is a reasonable price for this. It hads another layer of protection which every host needs. We have all heard the horror stories of a customer signing up and within hours sending 50 million e-mail's off one server, this will stop that.

    Our scripts have been fully tested and as of now, we are just looking for a sensible price to sell it at. The poll is created to allow an honest opionion

    Would you really want something free if it helped stop a spammer on your servers and in the end, you pay the price with your upline? I didnt think so.

    PS: the last option should of been just $60+

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    OMG, This is LONG overdue... Seriously, this is something every webhosting business has been waiting for... Great to see it out now!! Please how can I purchase a copy??? I don't mind paying any price as long as I can get it on my server....

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    Originally posted by universal2001
    I don't mind paying any price as long as I can get it on my server....
    Could you tell me where you got those unlimited $'s? I want some too..

    Sound like a nice script though.
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    I nearly lost a server once because some customer sent out thousands of SPAM messages. Our upstream provider locked us out as a result. This would of never happended if something like this was used..
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    Way to go AlaskanWolf!

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    Thank you

    We are looking at likely selling the script for around $50 to $100, but we have not decided on the exact price as of yet. We should make our decision within a few days. I think a set of scripts like this is literally priceless to any company

    Anything priced below $50 is quite a loss for us since we have spent quite a bit of time building this script and testing it.

    On the other side of things, if it saves you from even one of the very well known spamming customers that send 30,000 emails in 1 hour off your server, its priceless.

    Personally, I cant see spending less then $500 on such a script because it is something every hosting companies fears of, a customer signing up and within 24 hours, sending millions of spam out, and in the end, your the one that gets put on black lists, gets letters from your upline with threats of cancellation and downtime of your server resulting from the huge resources the customer can use up, but again, we want to make it affordable to everyone so anything below such a price would be erroneous.

    Unfortunately WHT is made up of alot of start up hosts that don't see spending a huge amount of money for security and that piece of mind, so we must take that into effect when making up the pricing
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    If I saw this script elsewhere, I would say a per server license. But since this is WHT, I would say $60+.

    What is it written in? What is the overhead on the resource use? Another words, the script when getting hit hard - how does it handle?

    I would be worried about running a script between sendmail. Do you have a page set up to place the techy stuff?

    From the sounds of it. Great work!

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    I would pay $50.00 per server for the script.

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    UmBillyCord, thats a great idea, we have never thought of a per server license before!

    Resources on it are very low, even during high peak processing, since it works of a sql database, therefore its pretty much as fast as sendmail itself.

    There is no other way, that we have found in 6 years to setup any other way. 99% of all the scripts your customers use, use sendmail. Spammers found an easy way to send spam....sendmail, therefore it would only be logical to replace sendmail and there wouldnt even be any notice to you or your customers that the script is even running, other then the admin notices that you would get.

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    qmail qmail qmail!
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    We use qmail, and have found that most mail extentions not written in C (perl, etc) slows down performance significantly. I would assume that the same would go for sendmail (since its a lot slower to begin with).

    I would say that performance would be a prime factor.
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    Have you tested this script on CPanel servers?

    You can go two ways with this kind of script... you can offer it for a low price say $30-40 per server, so a LOT of people can buy it... or you can offer it at a higher prices so less people can buy it, something like $100-200. If you offer a low price, you'll get a lot more sales in the long run.

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    We use cpanel servers

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    When is this script available? I need protection dammit!
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    there's really that much interest in this type of script? so simple to code... maybe i should code one myself and offer it for like $20? or $10? or free? hmm...

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    Anyone can code, thats not the point of our posting now is it? So please keep it on topic.

    We are filling a clear void of something thats not offered anywhere else. Every piece of software that we have created, its because other companies lack or dont even offer it. We dont look to get rich off anything, we offer our software because it benefits other hosts and makes their lives of running a hosting company easier. We have been doing this since 1996 and know our way around the block.

    Its sad to see such posts where you litterally shoot down others hard work and ability to offer something thats needed to so many hosts. I expect you to honor our wish and edit your post to get it back on topic. If you have questions about our script, please post it, and refrain from advertising on our thread.

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    The software should be released early next week along with pricing. Pricing and information will be available at

    Mods: I request that you close the polling as we have already created a pricing plan for our new software.

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    I would not mind paying $50 per server if it works fine with cpanel (exim) and plesk (qmail) servers
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