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    Is it possible to Block OUTGOING EMAILS?

    Hi Guys,

    Am having really big problems with my email account on
    my shared hosting account which has Cpanel. Somebody is using my non-exisiting email addresses as his own and is sending emails to 1000s of people advertising Adult & Other Websites.

    At the moment I have only one email Address, example
    [email protected] but emails are being sent from addresses
    such as:
    "[email protected]"
    "[email protected]"
    "[email protected]"
    "[email protected]"
    these emails addresses don't exist.

    I actually tired to send an email from example, [email protected] with username "dfs", password " "
    using outlook express and it worked.

    Is there anyway to block outgoing emails or a way to
    stop from this happening.

    I told my webhosting provider about this and there haven't done
    anything to fix this problem, so thought you guys could help me.


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    I think your hosting provider will have to do something about it. I've never seen this before. But maybe your server is an open relay, and they are just forging the from: address...

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    First of all, are you sure that the emails are being sent from your (hosts) server? It is entirely possible for a spammer to forge return/from/reply-to email addresses using your domain name, and never have the emails touch your server excpet that the bounces will come back to you instead of him. If that is what's happeneing, there is not much you can do to prevent it. your or your host *shouuld* be able to "bounce"(or dev/null) the bounces though, since they are coming in to addresses you don't use. You may not want to do that, as it is akin to burying your head in the sand, and won't solve the problem of the spammer forging your domain.

    On the other hand, if the email IS actually going out from your server, you need to get it fixed. If your host can't or won't, you need to find a different host. But you need to know whether or not your server is sending out the spam. Either way, your host should be involved in either helping you bounce the bounces, or preventing the spam ifrom going out from your server.

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    Am not sure if the emails are going out the server
    or not but am getting "Mail not Delivered messages"
    and in there the reply to or recieved from properties
    shows my email address.

    When I tired to do this, it went out my server.

    I asked the hosting provider and all he suggested was,
    "Someone is using your email accounts as his identity
    and you should do a trace route on the i.p in the
    header of the email and report it to there ISP" I tired
    finding the I.P address on those emails which were
    returned and there weren't any i.p address.

    There didn't do anything else and it took them more
    than a week to tell me that.


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    You could use a service like to figure out the IP address or network where the email originates. It will require that you know how to access the full headers in the email as just cutting and pasting the part that most email clients display won't be enough for SpamCop to go on.

    If you need assistance with that, you can PM or email me if you wish.

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    We had a customers domain used as a from address in a massive spam campaign. It was not actually sent by our customer so we only saw the hate mail that came back and the thousands of bounced back messages.


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