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Thread: Bbs?

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    I have seen many different kinds of BBS, but which one you like most?

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    Most people will say:
    - vBulletin
    - phpBB
    - invision board

    Most people will not say:
    - ikonboard
    - ultimatebb

    ASP honorable mention:
    - snitz

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    I think ITHosting hit it right on the head!

    vBulletin, phpBB and Invision Board are all resource friendly, easy to use forums. vBulletin is a little more configurable than the others, but in my eyes phpBB (especially with the $0 pricetag) is an equally impressive piece of work.

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    phpBB and invision board are my favourites.

    Unfortunately both are very hard to make custom themes for

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    vBulletin: fast, scalable, and template system makes it easy to customize, cheap
    phpBB: just as fast, much harder to customize, free

    Ikonboard and UBB suck. In fact I haven't even seen a site powered by UBB (except for their support forums of course) in months, just vB ones.
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    I will be the odd ball here: I like WebBBS best. Unfortunately, it can be a hog... but my project forums get 2.7million hits or so a month and it does just fine.
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    Not mentioned very often, but I like OpenBB ( Easy to install, configure and use and also friendly on resources.

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    Originally posted by filburt1
    phpBB: much harder to customize
    I completely disagree with that statement. I've dealt with both vBull and phpBB template editing and actually prefer those of phpBB. Sure, you may prefer vBull because you can edit the template online, but I prefer using a text editor. I suppose the templates used by phpBB are something you just grow more accustomed to over time though.

    Unfortunately both are very hard to make custom themes for
    I can't speak for the IB templates as I've enver dealt with them, but if you know some basic HTML you can customize a phpBB. It's not rocket science.

    phpBB is also most likely the fastest board (in terms of page generation), including vBulletin, that I've used.

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    Well I'm totally biased, but I'll add my plug for phpBB .

    And if you don't want to create your own template, just download one fo the free ones.

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    I like Invisionboard best. Just personal preference with the look and features.
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    phpbb2 price/performance = A+ for 0$ you get almost the same thing as VB (almost)

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