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    Thumbs up Massive Sale @ Myfileplace Services

    As an introductory pricing scheme for our services we have slashed prices (up to £5 a month) off our services.

    The sale reductions effect - hosting, advertising, subdomains and email addresses

    How long will the sale last?
    For the next 2 months

    About us

    A new different.. and possibly weird hosting company! We aim to reach out to those who are not as advanced at website building as some people and just want their own website there and then with no hassle setting up or worrying about signing 12-month contracts.

    We offer Subdomains, Email addresses, website hosting and extremely low cost advertising space.

    Our advertising is the perfect low cost solution for those who do not want to spend hundreds of pounds. Ideal for people who have just opened a website or are looking for that extra hit count.

    We are a new company but we are very skilled in the services that we provide and can be reached 18 hours a day 7 days a week for any questions or support issues (sadly we do need sleep so we canít offer 24/7!) We also have a forum where questions can be posted

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    • Update 9th July 07 - Our Sale is now extended until we have 5 more clients
    • Update 9th July 07 - We have added more scripts, further reduced prices
    • Update 9th July 07 - We now have lifted restrictions on advertising rules, and added eBay shop and auction ad services

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