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    Do all Enom resellers use the same DNS?

    Registerfly's DNS Management description sounds quite nice.

    DNS Management

    Increase the speed and performance of your website by using our geographically dispersed name servers.
    Real-time DNS updates (Dynamic DNS).
    Create up to 100 "hosts", or sub-domains, under your name.
    Create a catch-all sub-domain domain
    Setup all your DNS records: A, MX, CNAME
    Is this the same for other Enom resellers as well? (Are and all aliases for

    And what do they mean by "Real-time DNS updates (Dynamic DNS)"? Does that mean if I make a change in my DNS records, it will take effect immediately?

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    I'm sure it's faster but not "instant".

    The fastest propagation is the one used for the .BIZ and .INFO updates (fewer root servers). Of course that would hurt redunduncy in case of a major breakdown.

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    Real-time DNS updates and Dynamic DNS are two different things.

    Neither is related to caching server propagation or root servers at all.

    Dynamic DNS is used when your IP address changes when you connect to the Internet. If you are running a server over a dial-up connection, broadband without a fixed IP address, DSL using DHCP etc, your "server" needs to have a Dynamic DNS client installed, which reports your IP address to your nameserver as soon as it's assigned or changed. This change muct occur immediately in your nameservers. Your nameservers don't change, you server IP address changes. The TTL values in your nameservers for any Dynamic DNS addresses needs to be set very low.

    Real Time DNS updates simply means that when you edit your DNS Zone information for YOUR DOMAIN, the nameservers reflect this immediately. Many companies who run BIND only update their nameserver zone files on a regular basis rather than immediately when you finish with your edits.

    The root zone files are only updated by the registry every 12 hours. This only affects changes to your nameservers - as that's the only thing in the root zones.

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    .US domains also update near instantly. I registered a domain and I tried it 5min later and it worked! Now that's fast. :-)

    Dynamic services are generally propogated pretty speedy as well. :-) Well, other wise it wouldn't be dynamic, right?


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    All DNS propagation depends entirely on the TTL values and whether the caching server you use actually pays attention to these Time To Live values.

    This is at the root of how the DNS works - whether dynamic or static IP addresses are in use.

    As for the registries updating their perspective root files quickly, Verisign updates the CNO root every 12 hours - it has nothing to do with how many root zone servers there are. The others do so more frequently. None is real-time, however some are close.

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    Thumbs up

    ...and I must add that thewitt is very knowledgeable and experienced in all things related to domain registrations and brings a lot of valuable information to this forum

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    Careful timechange, flattery will get you, ah, everywhere
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    Wow, thanks for going into depth on my second question!

    Would either of you happen to know whether all eNom resellers use the same nameservers and just have their own aliases (ns1/ns2) for those nameservers? (my original question )

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    The problem with your eNom all question is all is a very big bucket.

    I suspect that a large number of eNom resellers simply use all the services that eNom offer and don't augment them with anything else.

    There are probably also some who offer their own services above and beyond what eNom offers their resellers.

    You'll need to ask the reseller you wish to do business with what they offer.

    Good luck,

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    Janet, all resellers use dns1 - cannot use alias due domain manegment wouldn't recognize it and offer the free services that comes along with the domain, i.e email forwards/dns control.
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