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    1 Quick hosting layout for sale! Enjoy!

    This is a template I put together for a client. I have absolutely no need for it since we went with a different route.. So I changed the title, and added in some sample text (hope no on is offended), and now I am hoping to get rid of it.

    I will keep track of the current bids...

    Current bid: $0

    disclaimer: we reserve the right to end the auction without a winner but we prolly won't!

    Thank you!

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    I thought I'd inform you that the template has got many broken images. You may want to fix this...

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    Just gonna say the same thing
    [email protected]
    "We look after our customers, or someone else will"

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    lol, what I did, was I posted this and then thought I would upload it, but my partner changed the pass for the FTP, so I am now finding the pass, in the meantime, I will upload to some different webspace...


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    It looks to as if that is the custom 404 page that has the broken links. Wrong url?

    Glide Hosting
    Domain Names and Web Hosting
    Multi-processor, SCSI RAID, redundant, fast support

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    oh, shoot.. I forgot that the 404 page was the 404 for the web design company, I am afraid that you guys think the 404 for idoogle is the design... lol..... no...... take the link here:

    sorry for the confusion..


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    Since the current bid is $0 I bid $0.5.

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    i doubt this will sell...

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    thx for the confidence booster... lol

    if you aren't going to buy it, or don't think it will sell, unless you are going to make constructive comments, just don't respond... I'm not acting all high and mighty here, I just noticed before you did, how completely inefficient those last two posts were.. no offense, but those aren't helping...

    Tell me how it could sell and I'll make it that way...

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    Eep. Well, I'd suggest maybe spending a little time building on the template. Maybe work a little harder, people are looking for quality. Eeps

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    The blue star be better off part of logo...
    And under features make some plans (pic's / tables w some flare)
    Just somewhere to throw plans =D
    Add some kinda footer ... looks as if page was just cut off at bottom

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    thx for the tips... but as of now, I have absolutely no idea as to what to do with it...

    so I will start fresh and work on something... I'll sell this one for 5 bucks... lol.... customizations as far as a logo... but as I now notice that it isn't for hosting, I prolly won't do customizations further than the logo, and you all can add content and pics...

    I should have a new design in a day or so, that I will be selling... Thx for the comments!


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