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    I question to all the hosts out there. What methods for advertising online have you found most effective, and where would people recommend beginning to advertise when you first start out? What kind of results can you expect from hosting directory web sites? PPC websites? Search Engines?


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    I think posting at various hosting forums like this will give you a better reputation.

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    Get free listings with hosting directories.

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    One place I've seen is effective is hang out on chatrooms, either irc, msn, yahoo, etc, and assist people there. But whatever you do, don't sit and spam your url, or try to make your primary purpose there selling your services. One other piece of advice, if you're a reseller, make sure its clear somewhere on your site that you are (as well as admitting to it if your asked). I've witnessed tons of people being, well i guess, harassed because they were a reseller, yet sat there, often for hours, claiming they owned and ran their own servers.
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    I would say the hosting directories are by far the best way to promote your web hosting company for free. List to as many as possible to gain exposure for your company. I believe there has also been a few posts around here with a list of the web hosting directories, search around and you'll probably find some.

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