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    Bank of America Merchant Services

    Has anyone used the B of A Merchant Services?
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    I've got an account at B.O.A. but I hardly use it, there staff seems clueless to what there doing, generally arn't that friendly, etc, and there not extremly tailored to business aside from the 'small-business' explosion thats everywhere, but banks like Lasalle and Citybank are much more suiting and I use there services...

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    I checked out Bank of American but decided against going with them. I have a merchant account with Wachovia, which is fairly large in the Southeastern states., a service of Rietta Solutions
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    I hate bank of america, the worst bank i have had account in
    first i asked for check card, after about 2 months they said they lost my application, okay. they took a picture of me once again and after about 2 months sent card without my photo...

    one day i called customer service because my check card has been stolen and i wanted to report it. the lady said i need card number (the stolen card #) or account number to block it.
    I said i don't have and offered SSN, address, phone number etc. she said she cannot do anything without card or account number and just hung up...

    i just closed the account, hopefully didn't have to ask again for check card It was BoA in Florida

    Im happy with Bank One. I have account with them for over 3 years.

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    yes, right! BankOne is very good...!

    I went to Bank of America branch in San Francisco to signup for a checking account + Visa cc. Terrible customer support - I left after waiting 25 minutes..

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    I would not let B of A take out my trash!
    Over the past 10 years, every bad check I have gotten from a B of A account, has turned out to be their fault and not the writer.
    My wife had money stolen out of her account there.

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    We looked at using BofA merchant services because we do bank there. Unlike the others who have popped in, we have found BofA customer service to be pretty good, although they've had some technical issues in clearing funds between accounts that has been a pain. Their merchant services people are the pits, in our experience when trying to get information from them: bad responsiveness, bad pricing, bad technical knowledge. I'd recommend someone else for merchant services.
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