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    Angry IMail Server Not Working, Please Help...

    I have Imail server loded on our mashine and I can not send mail to any of the major ISP's such as aol, MSN, hotmail, Yahoo, etc...but i can send it to any other server which is runing the same IMail server as me. Any sudjestions? Any help will be apprecieated...Thanks!

    Doctor X

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    Make sure you have a reverse DNS set up on the machine name you are using to send out mail.

    A reverse DNS is where the IP address points back to a domain name.

    The actual owner of the IP usually has to set this up; this is usually the data center / server provider.

    It does take time to propagate.

    You can check out if propagation is completed by doing a reverse DNS lookup on

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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