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    Nice Hosting Template

    Hi, I have a nice template for a hosting site. I guess itll be a bid starting at 50 US dollars:

    - PSD
    - Fonts
    - Customization
    - Custom Logo - to be created after bids
    - Any other graphics needed to add on (for sure)
    - Also control panel log in/off
    - Aything else needed :-D
    - All rights over design
    - We can also setup a phpbb Board (additional cost )

    Limit 8 pages (sliced in ps)

    Well if you like contact me at [email protected]

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    You've posted in the wrong forum.

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    OOPS! will a kind Mod tarnsfer this please.

    thank you.

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    I think you should add some background image for the middle, something light. And soem graphics on elft nav/
    Patrick Schrader

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    Yes I want to customize it so thats why i stated more graphics.

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