Hello all!

I'm new but I read some posts with passion! mostly the hilarious never ending thread about Virtualisp "unlimited bandwith"

Now I have a query about something that has been annoying me for quite some weeks now.

I am attempting to link Paypal IPN with my server back end and it's mostly my own back end that gets it

The challenge with IPN is that I need the Crypt:SLeay module installed, but that's only the end part!

Wait a minute...

I set off to have Paypal talk directly to my server via a Perl Script provided by Paypal (their doc sucks about the details of the server connection you need to have).

The initial problem was that I either got HASH gobbledigoock crap responses and then it was even more cryptic!

Then I learned that in order to talk back to the paypal server I had to use an SSL connection (or so ?).

Now my actual ISP doesn't provide [the] shared SSL that they boasted on their offer (which decided me to sign up) But that's an entire diffrerent story.

I then purchased web space where I could get shared SSL and Perl. The service seems to be okay but they tend to be down the pub a lot.

Anyway I got my SSL and I can work, alas I still get the HASH crap even through SSL!!! Having taken a look at the [new] Paypal doc on their site, they say that the SSLeay module is needed! (I don't have this instruction on the INITIAL script I printed months ago)

Obviously the Module is NOT installed on the SSL server, but their support told me that they have MOD SSL installed. Now what the heck? does this guy have a clue or what

On the other hand I tried my pot luck with my other ISP which DOESN'T have shared SSL to install it for me (it took him a mere 22 seconds! I checked the call log massages)

My final questions are: Has anyone done an IPN integration and is that just what I need (SSLeay) even when not on an SSL connection?

Cheers, and mmh sorry for the long post