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    * Online Net Business forums Now Open!

    Hi all, I'd just like to say that my new forum, (or ONB forums for short) are now open and available to all users from anywhere.

    The forum is for business related talks, I think a lot of you will find ONB to be quite useful and fun. I hope I can see you posting there in the near future.

    To Register:

    I'd appreciate if you helped out and started some posts to get the forum going.

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    Comon guys, if you could just post one topic , pleeease!

    thanks all, hope you join soon!

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    If you would stop spamming all over the board maybe people will have a little more respect for your forum

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    OnB see my forums

    i got people in my forums cos i tell my url in a radio station

    now my forum get 600 new messages per day !!!!
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