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    [For Hire] Web Hosting Sales or Level 1/2 Tech. Support Rep


    My name is Scott and I'm looking to obtain a remote position at a web hosting company as a Sales rep and/or Level 1 or 2 Technical Support rep. I am looking to be an "independent contractor" with two or three shifts per week. I'd prefer to be paid on a contract or per-hour basis, but I will work to fit almost any requirement!

    I have many years of experience in the web hosting industry, as well as excellent commication skills, an excellent typing ability (I type on average 108 WPM with 97% accuracy), and I have years of experience in the website production industry.

    I am particulary experienced in cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin, and I have some (but very little) experience with Plesk, however I am a quick learner! I am also experienced with domain registration and the ICANN policies surrounding registration.

    My email address is kaptns[at]gmail[dot]com and my Skype username is kaptns. Please contact me with any questions or job offers. I do have a CV and I can send that upon request via email.

    Thanks so much!

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    I'd just like to post some of the things I am especially good at:
    Customer Service/Technical Support
    via Ticket/email
    via Telephone Support
    via Live Help
    Closing accounts
    Suspending accounts
    Sending invoices
    Setting up accounts
    Downgrading/Upgrading accounts
    Answering pre-sales and sales questions
    Setting up accounts
    Sending quotes
    Managing employees
    Writing assignments
    Managing shift reports
    Website management/production
    ...and more. Please contact me through email: kaptns(at) or via Skype (kaptns) to discuss specific items of interest.

    If you do not see something in the list above that you are looking for, ask me! If I don't know the software or service you are requesting, I'll do my best to learn it - besides, I'm a very quick learner!

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    I've emailed you.

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