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    Arrow coredesign layout Layout!
    hey how does this look we done have .com so temp address is domain is being purchased to day feed back Pleaseeee

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    Good start....but you could use a bit more looks overly simple especially the top blue bar thing. Too much white space.... I suggest you move the logo to the right a bit and make the links up to left center....Not a big fan of the box links either....the blue tinted building thing on the left side is nice tho....

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    like jhcashman, it's a good start. it doesn't look complete as of yet. the design looks very hard edge but yet, you blur the bottom end of the tinted image on the left. it doesn't fit. make it hard edge as well.

    in my opinion, the top header is something you should play off of. and the designs should follow that look.

    i do have a question though...the logo on the top. why did you bold "re des" in core design? i'm not following that and remove .com altogether. you don't need that.

    good start and keep up the work.

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    A word of advice, I wouldn't post a domain name you are trying to use before you've purchased it (I know you already have it now) as there are probably a whole load of people out there waiting to register it and try to sell it back to you

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    someone just did that hour ago but its ok becouse we got a better name now not gona say it tho

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    looks....empty really. not much graphic work...too simple in a way...nothing that makes a potential client say 'i want a site like this ' or ' i want a site designed by them, i like their style!'

    needs a personal and stand out typa touch!

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    Keep working on it, and some more details. When I view the design I get the impression that it's not complete. It doesn't look solid nor concrete, seems to be lacking much.

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    It looks okay...

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    there is really not much there to comment on......

    have you planned the site??

    Because if you just plan on throwing together elements as you go, the page will not come out very good......It is better to have an overall plan of the layout and what/how the site will deliver, then build it all at once.....


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    I don't like it. There's nothing that grabs my attention. It's just so blah. I seen your other post with your logo designs. Are you going to use one of those logos for the site, because the one you have now isn't so great. Most of your logo designs are awesome. Use some of that creativity and talent on your web site.

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