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    wizardshosting support: does it exist anymore?

    i've noticed wizardshosting support has been getting slower over the last few years... logged a request twice (last friday + tuesday), have heard nothing back... this is getting to be a bit of a problem

    now i cannot access their support section at all

    anyone know what is going on?

    note: the intention of this post is not to criticise wizardshosting, i juts wanna know whats going on
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    It looks like they may be having some troubles with their support script/application.
    Andrew Walenczykiewicz

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    Hi en2

    we moved our main sites to a new server, unfortunately that completely messedup the helpdesk, wich we are trying to fix, but it's just oen of those very weird errors where .. well, you get no indication of that the error is

    please (while usually I dont' suggest this) post on our forum with your problem ans we will get to you ASAP

    Sorry for the trouble

    Carlos Rego
    OnApp CVO

    The Cloud Engine

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