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    * SPAM From A Host To A Host - Will It Ever End?

    Okay, when I get SPAM from someone trying to sell me a vacation or a new credit card or whatever, I can understand that.....don't get me wrong, I don't like it or agree with it, but I have come to accept the fact it will continue to have over 100 times a day (thank god for filters in The Bat!)

    But what really peeves me off is when I get SPAM from another hosting company! Crap telling me that I can host my stuff for a better price on their network and servers, when I am sitting here with my own servers and own connections! I should call them up and see if I can host all my stuff for free there also!

    Here is the message that put me in a bad mood today....


    Are you currently hosting your web-site for more than $9.99 a month ?

    Why pay more when you can get more for less!
    Now for just $9.99 a month, you will get the following:

    (Standard Web Hosting Package)

    * 1000 MB of Web Space
    * Website Access Statistics
    * Full CGI-Bin Access
    * Server Side Includes (SSI) supported
    * PHP4 support
    * 2 POP3 E-mail accounts included
    * 5 Gigabytes of Traffic Monthly
    * 24 hour Unlimited FTP Access
    * 24 hour Unlimited Telnet Access
    * Redundant Network Connection
    * Fast & Reliable Servers
    * Fast & Responsive Support

    All this for just $9.99/month, lowest price in the Industry !

    Our Guarantees

    * 99.5% Guaranteed Up-time
    * 30-day Money Back Guarantee (If you don't like our service, we'll refund

    Signup Instantly Here ->

    Paul N.

    Unsubscribe here:



    And they don't even have a "real" domain name! A freaking number.........

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    What the #$%#%^@$% is that domain name?

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    Yeah I like to copy their TOS policy where it says no spam and send it back to them, then I keep a list handy and if I get anyone that ask if they can send spam form my server I give them the lsit of hosts that send spam and tell them to they allow it since they do it themselves.

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    I've received a whole flood of spam messages from China this week. Checking email is becoming more of a chore having to deal with the spam.

    Shaun Ewing

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