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    Question about bandwidth?

    Im looking at starting a website but need to know about bandwidth before i know what to look for in a hosting company.

    Does my bandwidth get taken up by peolple just viewing my site or downloading from it and will more be taken up with a MYSQL database.

    Do any hosting companys offer unlimited bandwidth or allow you to purchase extra if you ever need to?


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    Nothing in life is unlimited.

    Yes most any decent host will gladly let you purchase more or just move to a bigger plan.
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    Most hosts measure both incoming and outgoing bandwidth, but some just measure outgoing.

    Yes, it is used up by people visiting your site.

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    just stay away from companies offernig unlimited or almost unlimted ( 5 $ for 50 GB ) bandwidht and you ll be happy

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    Just say "NO" to unlimited bandwidth...............
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    As everyone above said, unlimited bandwidth is bad. It is mostly a marketing tactic to get people to sign up, then when you start to use a lot of bandwidth they will shut you off!

    MySQL does not cause any extra bandwidth to be used. The only things that cause bandwidth to be used are things that are downloaded to a visitor's computer, like text, graphics, and files. So if someone went to your site, they would download all of the images and text on your main page, and that is what causes bandwidth to be used.

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