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    * Nuke and phpbb website to start looking for admins


    i really want to start a general web site with a forum and nuke or a portal i really can make the site big but i need some people to work with me on the site the thing is though i need someone to pay for the domain name and the host but maybe if we can get someone who can host the site for free so any server owners if you can host the site please tell me also i really wana get around 5-7 people working on the site as admins i will also add a banner of the server if they wish and finally i need some one who is really experienced in knowing how to use nuke and also maybe phpbb because i need them to design the nuke page ok so if your intrested please respond to this thread and i will be very greatful if anyone is intrested

    thanks will

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    We can give the server space and pay for the domain name but what is the site about?? What kind of traffic are we talking about and being this stuff is so cheap why bring in so many people?

    Just wondering, PM or Email me if you like.


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    Ok so wait. Your looking for:

    - someone to give you register you a domain name
    - someone to give you hosting
    - 5 - 7 more people ???

    What exactly are you making a site about? And what happens if the site isn't succesful ?

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    will it sounds like you just have the idea and you need people to do all the work.
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    <begin "deep thoughts", with jack (nocturnix) handy>

    man, im going to be doing something very similar soon, help with mods and forums is one thing, but free hosting and domain...both are so damn cheap these days, why not get a basic account to start out with and upgrade from there!?

    You can get domains for under 8.65 a year now and a VERY RESPECTABLE hosting account for $20 a month. Lets think about this, bear with me here...

    how long would you expect this great idea to catch on? if its as good as you think it is, i would say.......what......a year?

    thats 12 X 20 + 8.65 = 248.65

    assuming you get help to design and setup the site...that breaks down to about 20.7 dollars a month. The price of your internet connection, or half the price of your cable internet(if its roughly 40$ a month like mine). This is a minimal fee, unless of course you are of age 15 wich i notice many are.

    thats also assuming you dont get an even cheaper hosting plan, wich can go as low as 3 measley, pathetic, barely-even-a-complete-meal-at-jack-in-the-box dollars a month! Ok, so lets say you decide to go with this cheaper hosting plan...wich you can get with very decent tech support, and mysql support as well. that would be...
    $2.91(actual price is 34.99/year) X 12 + $8.65 = $43.64 a year

    OR $3.63 a month. HMMMMMMM...interesting, approximately the price of...thats right a pack of cigarrettes(excluding california and some other states where higher tabacco taxes apply).

    in conclusion, after my... under-the-influence-of-"a"(i choose not to disclose)-substance ramblings, I have come to conclude that the person proposing this offer is in fact of the age of 15 or so. give or take.

    Thank you for your time, any thoughts on these ramblings would be both interesting and appreciated.


    (i purposely said conclude twice, and wrote dash(-) words to sound funny, did it have its effect or am i really acting as retarded as I think i am).

    <end "deep thoughts", with jack (nocturnix) handy>
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    nocturnix123 you sure got your monies worth

    Light travels faster than sound, which is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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    My biggest problem with Will's proposal is his lack off puncuation.

    Everytime I read it, I nearly suffocate as theres no where to take a breath!!!

    Maybe he calls the race's?

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