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Thread: Is this wise??

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    Is this wise??

    I've been going from managed host to managed host.. I've gone through 6 different ones in the past year.

    The latest one I've been with is Nocster. I ran under the managed plan with 100gb of bandwidth.

    I host a vbulletin that holds just a bit over 5,000 members, with an average of 55 on at a time. On the same server, I host a .mp3 downloading site (legal, mind you) that transfers about 75 gigs a month. This coming month, we're planning on introducing a members section, with even more downloads. We expect the downloads to reach about 250-300 gigs of bandwidth each month.

    On our managed server, our vbulletin along with our mp3 files took up 19 percent of the system's resources.
    I'm not too sure what to expect with a dedicated server, since this is my first time upgrading to one.

    Should I get a seperate managed host for my vbulletin, and keep my mp3 downloads on a seperate dedicated server? Or will I be find keeping the mp3 downloads and the vbulletin on the same server?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Don't take my word as gold but, I think you would probably be able to pull it off w/ only one server...

    Suggestion though. Storage... SCSI!.. All the way. You might also want to thing about hosting VBul off one HD and the downloads off the other.... That would keep some lag off the system by not having VBul hammer the drive w/ multiple requests while there are streams coming off it from the MP3's....

    Just my opinion... Curious what others will say..
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