Server/Php/mySQL $1125/month
(for hire)

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Methodology: Outsourcing

Progamming Skills Server, HTML, CSS, PHP/MySQL (LAMP), HTML, CSS

Our experience:
Public Directory Listing
Fanne Mae Form1003, Universal Residential Loan Application
Credit Card transaction fraud prevention
Fraud Scoring Online
Ecommerce Risk Evaluation
Informercial Websites
Web Research and Analysis Analyst Research
Data Entry & Cleansing
Maintenance Request Tracker
Real Estate
Web Hosting Control Panel, Billing, Registeration and user login
Web Based file management
Content Managements System(CMS)
Online Catalog and Sales and Order fulfillment
FLASH Animation
Audio Transription
Check Printing
Legal Case Management
Infant emergency information access
Web Design
Equity & Business plan Management
Film Industry
Online Presentation

We outsource our Engineers to work exclusively on your
projects and become part of your team.