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    Looking at Payment gateways.

    I read the thread here about payment gateways, the one about 2checkout and revecom.

    If someone from Revecom frequents this forum please contact me about a merchant account as I must say your company either has a poor email system or too many customers to need any more.

    I have sent you three emails over the last 3 months asking about signing up for a merchant account without reply.

    any other merchant payment providers that this forum could refer please post links.


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    revecom doesn't offer merchant accounts, just a third party billing service. I e-mailed them about one a while back myself (having used their service for close to two years now), and it ended up in the trash somewhere too. They don't seem to like answering that question.

    Generally their support is pretty good, but there are a few that work there that should be flipping burgers or something.

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