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    Seeking FT/PT Employment - Technical Support 1/2, Customer Service, and more!

    Hello WHT,

    I am currently seeking part time/full time employment with an established webhosting company. I have 6 years of experience in the hosting and technical industry working remotely for large webhosting companies. I am 20 years old and currently attending ITT Technical School for Computer Science/Networking.

    I am infact seeking a graveyard position if at all possible, but am willing to accomodate other shifts. You can contact me via email or PM. If you would like to speak over the phone, please PM me requesting to speak with me over the phone and I will provide a phone number in which you can reach me at.

    Below is my resume. Please no replies on this thread.

    Jesse Asklund

    email: saintagex[at]
    AIM handle: LordSainTCNT


    To further my technical skills, solve interesting challenges, and master systems administration in a large environment. To have a general knowledge of every aspect of hosting, including, but not limited to; support, sales, customer service, and billing.

    Work Experience

    Vortech Hosting - Technical Support
    Online Based / January 2007

    Worked as the only graveyard technician handling server restarts, tickets, and live chats. Restarted various services on servers with high loads and/or running backups. Remotely rebooted downed machines and provided contact with local datacenter techs. (Worked in an hsphere environment here)

    HostingZoom - Customer Service/Sales
    Online Based / April 2006

    Was one of two customer service/sales representatives handling live chats, phones, and helpdesk tickets Monday through Friday. Handled large amounts of ticket inquires daily, along with live chats with sales and customer service questions.

    MICFO LLC - Level 1/2 Sales/Billing/Support/Customer Service
    Online Based / January 2006

    Was the only US tech on board handling all departments level 1-2. 100+ tickets/day - 50+ calls/day - 20+ chats/day. Gave me alot of experience in multi tasking in multiple areas.

    HOSTGATOR - Chat Support / Customer Service / Sales
    Online Based / June 2005

    Handled chat support/sales via Timpani (live person).

    ALPHARED - Technical Support / On-call support
    Online Based / July 2005

    Was an on-call basis tech installing software, updating software, and doing other technical oriented needs. Very professional datacenter who needed some additional remote work help, which I managed.

    HOSTDIGIT - Owner/Founder
    Online Based / January 2005

    Owned and operated hostdigit, was founded for the purpose of shared hosting until it moved on to doing dedicated servers, and only dedicated servers. Resold from various DataCenters such as BurstNET, ThePlanet,, Savvis, and more top datacenters. Specialized in sales and some marketing.

    SUCCESSFUL HOSTING - Level 1/2 Technical Support
    Online Based / May 2005

    One of many tech support personel, provided ticket support, live support, and email support on an hourly basis. Solved up to Level 2 Support problems and concerns in a linux environment with webhosting. Worked with various programs such as Alabanza, Hsphere, Kayako, Live Support to solve various problems with customers.

    DECENTRACK - Level 1/2 Technical Support
    Online Based / January 2005

    Lead tech support, handled web-based server reboots for dedicated server customers. Worked with apache, dns, bind, smtp and other programs to repair problems with customers needs. Worked with cpanel, fantistico, and other offbrand control panels. Also worked with live support, ticket support, and email based support. *Note: Very light working with bind/smtp*

    LUCIDGAMING - Owner/Founder
    Online Based / December 2004

    Owner and founder of lucidgaming gameservers. Constructed a lively gameserver business starting with very few dedicated servers and very few customers. Hired sales and support staff to handle sales/billing/support related issues that needed to be taken care of. Eventually company grew to over 40 active gameserver customers and hired a working staff. *Company Over, Bad Market*

    SERVERREALM - Co-Owner / Support / Sales
    Online Based / September 2002

    Co-founded serverrealm gameservers. Helped create the business by doing sales, and basic server setup to enhance my knowledge with linux-based systems. I began doing alot of server work based on this company and eventually my partner and I sold the company to a user found on webhostingtalk.


    Central High School, Computer Science., 2003-2005
    Computer science and general knowledge.

    ITT Technical School, Computer Science/Networking., 2007-Present
    Computer networking, CISCO, computer science.

    Academic Projects

    Took classes such as accounting, business marketing, marketing essentials, and intro to business 1 & 2.

    Academic Coursework

    Used all of microsoft based software, as well as quickbooks, and marketing strategies for the web industry. Completed taxed-based paperwork for testing purposes to learn how taxes work.

    Independent Technical Study

    Joined FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) for 2 years which included trips to various businesses who were built by entrepeneurs and learned how they marketed, created, and ran their business sucessfully.


    Customer Service -
    Experienced with resolving large amounts of customer service tickets in a timely manner, as well as the proper etiquette in responses.

    Sales Management -
    Experienced in doing sales via any form of advertisement, as well as technical-oriented sales via tickets/chats/phones.

    Billing Management -
    Individual experience in billing softwares such as ModernBill, ClientExec, and more. Can manage billing schedules and much more.

    WWW Servers -
    Apache 1.3.x/2.0.x/Latest
    Networking -
    Telnet, FTP, DNS, ifconfig, netstat, HTTP
    Mail -
    SMTP, POP, Sendmail (lightly)
    Admin Tools -
    top, traceroute, ping, webmin
    Backup -
    Security -
    SSH, Some IPtables, Some port scanners
    Graphics -
    Adobe Photoshop, MS Office
    Databases -
    Some MySQL
    Other -
    MRTG, Some CVS


    HostingZoom -
    email: [email protected]
    aim: ZoomKiet

    Micfo LLC -
    email [email protected]
    aim: Micfo Group

    AlphaRed -
    email [email protected]
    aim: SanduvalAlphaRed

    SuccessfulHosting -
    email: [email protected]
    aim: alexanderbrecher

    ServerRealm -
    email: [email protected]
    aim: x2qwik

    I also have personal references that I can provide upon request.

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    Hi Jesse,

    What are you expecting in terms of pay?
    ServerTag Technologies - Everything you need for hosting activity
    A Canadian company providing top notch site hosting, servers and colocation services

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    Dropped you an Instant Message.

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    I am still looking for employment, you can contact me at any method above

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